Morrocan pharmaceutical to construct a plant in Rwanda

Cooper Pharma will open its plant in 2019 , which will occupy about 10,000 square meters.

It will produce beta-lactam antibiotics in light of improving access to high- quality medicines affordable for every Rwandan.

The current South-South cooperation promoted by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May Allah glorify and assist him, represents the roadmap that has led Cooper Pharma to settle in Rwanda.

On October 19, as part of the Royal visit in East Africa, Cooper Pharma limited and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of building the first pharmaceutical industry that will operate in early 2019.

The MOU is the second of its kind, following the first MOU signed in Abidjan. The first Moroccan laboratory in East Africa, Cooper Pharma is committed to strengthening its industrial operations on the continent.

On the land covering an area of 10,000 square meters, Cooper Pharma will produce beta-lactam antibiotics in a dedicated industrial zone, and will also produce in the second zone non beta-lactam antibiotics drugs depending on local market demand and GMP standards, like other seven units in Morocco, Africa and Middle East.

Through this new plant, Cooper Pharma will continue to accomplish its mission of improving patient access to medical services across Africa. Cooper Pharma is also planning to share its expertise and train Rwandan workforce  as well as health professionals in the region.

Officials say the project of Cooper Pharma in Rwanda is in coherence with the Rwandan Government policies, which aims to encourage local production and the promotion of foreign direct investments. This will facilitate Cooper Pharma to access the market of six nations that make up East Africa Community (EAC).


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