Marrakesh: a city where modernity and tradition merge

Snakes charmers at El Djema sqaure

Snakes charmers at El Djema sqaure

Marrakesh, a Moroccan city is one of the top tourists’ destinations in Africa for a number of reasons including its arts, cultural wealth, historical and architectural aspects among others.
Marrakesh attracts visitors from around the world! When in the city there are many things to do and places to visit including museums, monuments and other historical places. The square of Djemaa El-Fna is probably the busiest area in the city center.
Many things happen at place El Djema, visitors are spoilt for choices: at day there are snakes charmers where one can find cobras and other types of snakes. Snakes charmers can even put one on you, if you are not afraid and you just pay few dirhams (Moroccan currency).Taking a picture holding mazing rarely seen creatures also interest visitors.
People with monkeys can also be seen at the place which also interest visitors especially for a photo session. Locals wearing their tradition outfit can also approach you to wear propose to put on their hats and take a photo of yourself with them as a souvenirs.
Another interesting show is an amateur boxing game in which two people fight while the crowds cheer them after betting. If the fighter you cheer wins his fans take away the money and there is a referee who is also an ordinary citizen.
The Koutoubia which is the largest mosque in Marrakesh located beside Djemaa El-Fna sqaure is also another attraction in the city center, with its surrounding large plaza and beautiful gardens.Non-muslims are not allowed to enter inside the mosque.

The Katoubia mosque
As the city is always filled with tourists, local are always welcoming! When one enters a shop they first say welcome or Bienvenue (which translates welcomein french) to Marrakesh then ask your country of origin .It seems most sub-Saharan visitors come from West African people. If shopkeepers see a black person,they ask:” are you from Senegal or Mali?”
A Hotel receptionist told me, most visitors from Sub-Saharan Africa comes from Senegal,Mali and Ivory Cost.
There are also students who benefited from Moroccan government scholarships including Rwandans.
Marrakesh souks
Souks are art streets shops where you can find almost everything: jewels, spices, perfumes, shoes, bags, cloths, hats, art crafts and much more. Sellers accept bargaining but a foreigner may pay the price double. We were told by a local photographer that we should bargain for anything we want to buy.
The official languages in Morocco are French and Arabic but in Marrakesh at hotels, shops and other services English is used, even hawkers speak many languages. A Spanish visitor who speak limited English and French told me she did not face any language barrier while in the city because some locals spoke Spanish
Oussama Hamama is a Moroccan journalist; he said, he thinks Marrakesh is a popular destination for its hot weather. “Tourists want to experience heat- weather totally different from European.” –said Hamama
The climate in Marrakesh is arid but the temperature is extremely rising to a high of 45-50 degrees in August. At hotels and downtown people are almost naked.
Palmeraie is the green vast area of Marrakech. It is a real oasis on the outskirts of the city. La Palmeraie covers 13,000ha and it is said that there are about 150,000 palm trees and hosts high standards hotels. It is the perfect place to escape the town life.
The view from Pullman Marrakesh Palmeraie Resort &spa is palm trees everywhere. On your way from city center you can enjoy seeing the palm trees.
Recently the city has hosted 19th African senior athletics championship 2014.


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