The importance of business and professional networking

‘Networking’ means forming business connections and contacts through informal meetings. Business and professional networking serves many purposes: general marketing, sales, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and business development.

A saying goes: “It is not what you know but who you know.” The good jobs and business deals come from connections. Networking will make you develop lasting, dependable and equally valuable relationships with other professionals and entrepreneurs.

There are many events that can be used as networking opportunities, including, among others: conferences, workshops, meetings, and parties. When a professional, entrepreneur or even student attends those events it is most likely that they will meet likeminded people with whom they can first exchange contacts and develop dependable relationships for their respective business’ or career’s growth.

Last year I attended a friend’s goodbye party where I met a medical student from Germany who had just arrived in Rwanda for an internship. The student asked me to help him improve his basic Kinyarwanda and brief him about the Kigali lifestyle. During that event he also met a compatriot from his hometown.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, a business person can find potential clients for their products and services. If you are unemployed it is also possible to meet potential employers who are looking for your qualifications.

Kiki Mwobobia is a magazine editor from Kenya. She says that she uses LinkedIn, a social media website for professional and business networking.

“The organization I work at sponsors events too and people from around the country plus professionals attend the talks offered. I use this platform to interact with them and acquire information that could help me in my career,” adds Kiki.

The Internet has made networking easy and fast. It is only a click away, and you meet professionals and business community members from around the world.

Some of the most used websites include, mentioned above. It is a social media platform for professionals, graduates and business people, it helps its users to network and join discussion groups where they talk about issues related to their careers. is a global network for African professionals and entrepreneurs. It publishes career resources and articles for career development. It also posts job adverts primarily located in Africa, and has a business directory that enables users to advertise their businesses to a global audience. You can also find a mentor through this website.

Linda Bach is a newspaper journalist from Kenya who networks through social media, mostly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“I have gained a lot from Facebook. There was this time I learnt about a workshop in Ghana on the International journalists network (IJnet) Facebook page. I applied and was picked…it was a worthwhile experience because I met journalists who I network with to date,” says Linda.

“I also network through KENSJa…an association of science journalists…Through this association I have attended various workshops that are beneficial to my career,” she adds.

Flavien Ngendahayo is a health worker and a university lecturer. He also networks mainly for his teaching, related research and others jobs he does parallel to his teaching position. He often uses the Internet to network.

Yves Nsengiyumva is a young business gentleman from Musanze in Rwanda’s Northern Province. He said in a phone interview that his networking strategy is getting brokers’ contacts. They help him find information he needs in his agricultural products sales business.

Business people, professionals and aspiring professionals alike should not underestimate networking because it will sooner or later advance their businesses and careers.



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  1. That is true that social media is the key of networking,where you can meet potential businesses, job recruiters,friends whom you exchange ideas. Also it is not gaining only,there is also sharing with others ‘Sharing is Caring’ like when you post something which you see can inspire people ,they share and others learn from them.

  2. Hi Betty !Thanks for commenting.Its true that social media has made networking easier and fast.

  3. I needed to thank you for this excellent read!
    ! I certainly loved every bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

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    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.I am glad that you liked my post especially saving my blog as your favorite.
      You are most welcome and do not hesitate to share those posts on Social Media.

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