2011 in world news

To end the year in style I have selected for you top stories that made world news headlines in 2011 includes events that were most posted on social media and talked about in mainstream media

Arab spring

The Arab spring that swept the North Africa and some other Arab countries in 2011 surprised the world and a number of Arab regimes that enjoyed absolute power decades found themselves a t a receiving end of deep- seated public anger and frustration. These revolutions were sparked by a self-immolation of a young Tunisian Muhammad Bu Azizi whose desperate act embodied the frustration of Arab citizens across the region who decided enough was enough. No longer would they be afraid of autocratic and corrupt regimes and the decades of oppression culminated in an unrelenting rage that saw the departure of the Tunisian, Egyptian, Yemeni leaders and Muhammad Gaddafi killed by his own people.

Walk- to –work protest

Ugandan opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, President Yoweri Museveni’s closest rival in February elections, led thousands of Ugandans to protest against rising food and fuel prices. Protesters claimed that their aim was to pressure government to do something about the food and transport cost. Ugandan policed used several times tear gas to disperse protesters.Kizza Besigye was repeatedly arrested and released.

Post elections crisis in Ivory cost

After a months-long elections dispute over results of a run-off presidential election between Alassane Ouattara and Incumbent Laurent  Gbagbo,the latter refusing to leave power claiming that he is the winner while the independent electoral commission declared Ouattra the winner,Gbagbo was removed from power by new forces rebels loyal to Ouattra allegedly supported by Lincoln French forces.

Osama Bin Laden death

After a 10-year manhunt, the most wanted man on earth and Leader of the Al Qaeda movement was killed by U.S Special Forces in Pakistan and his body buried at sea. Osama death was announced by U.S president Barack Obama on an American television.

President Paul Kagame Visits France for reconciliation

This year H.E Paul Kagame visited France  since 1994 genocide against Tutsis, looking to mend fences despite controversy over Paris’ role in his country tragic past. Rwandan government has accused France of supporting the regime that committed genocide but France has strongly rejected accusations though it admitted political mistakes in past.

Amy Winehouse passing away

Amy Winehouse dead at 27 was a top 11 stories that made world news headlines for July 2011.(Gibson)Amy Winehouse  was found dead in her London Home.Winehouse rose to worldwide fame with her 2006 album Back to Black which won 5 Grammy awards, including Best Album and best pop vocal Album.One of her most loved song is entitled” Rehab”wich took home three Grammies.Winehouse personal  troubles was well-documented over the last few years.

DSK Affair

Dominique Strauss Khan, former IMF Mnaging Director was arrested in May by New York police on a plane bound to Paris after being accused by Nafissatou Diallo a Sofitel Hotel chambermaid of trying  to rape her.Months later charges were dropped by prosecutors after learning that Diallo had lied about her background and other things.This scandal ruined Mr Strauss Khan political ambitions as he intended to run in next year France presidential elections.

South Sudan Independence

South Sudan Africa’s 54th nation was born in July, many people were celebrating independence! Sudan was devastated by a war that started in 1950s.It finally ended in 2005 by a peace agreement. After six-year disengagement, in January South Sudanese people voted overwhelmingly for separation with the North. South Sudan became independent officially on Saturday 9 July 2011.

Patrick Makao breaks World records

Patrick Makao of Kenya crossed the finish line to win 38thBerlin with a record- breaking time of 2 hours 3minutes 38 seconds.Makau aged 26 said that a new generation is coming that is running very well.

UK Royal wedding

Royal wedding of Prince William with commoner Kate Middleton in April also rocked the world. The event was viewed by millions on TV Viewers from around the globe, it was blogged, tweeted and most talked about on other social media platforms.




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