Business and Family relations

Let’s separate business and family relations


One day, I entered a shop to buy milk to drink. When I sat
down, the shop keeper, who is also the wife of the owner, was chatting with her
husband as if no client was there. They kept on their conversation. At the end,
they remembered that a client was there. Then the woman asked me what I needed.
To be honest, I could have left the shop and went to buy a drink at another
shop whose staff cares about its customers. Unfortunately in that neighborhood
there were no other businesses that serve milk or other beverages and snacks.

Mixing business and family issues often affects customer
service negatively because employees know that they cannot be sacked, no matter
how bad the service they offer. For instance, the shop keeper in the
aforementioned case who is also the wife of the owner did not serve me as
quickly as she should have done as she has nothing to worry about.

A friend of mine told me that in the company for which she
worked, one day a supervisor fought with another employee because he warned the
employee, who had been sleeping instead of working. The lazy worker in question
was a relative of the employee who fought with the supervisor. I think everyone
should fulfill his or her duties accordingly, no matter the family relation she
or he has with the business owners. This will lead to better services and
business growth.

I was once talking to several unemployed youth who had
submitted job applications. The subject that dominated our conversation was
about how employers are quick to hire their relatives without considering
qualifications, competence, or experience. One guy said that if he was the
employer, he would first hire relatives then others later.

I have realized that in most family-owned businesses where
staff is hired on a family basis, service is often bad. Therefore, this will in
the long-run lead to business loss; the corporation may even close its doors. For
instance since my bad experience in the shop I mentioned above, I have not gone
back there because it lacks good customer service.

When starting a business, we should also think about human
resources because a good team plays a big part in business success. I don’t say
that we should never hire our relatives. Instead, we should place them where and
when their skills, energy, qualifications may be used effectively in our
companies, and to encourage them to focus on their work. This will improve customer
service and enhance business growth, which is key to success.



4 responses

  1. if you are talking about Rwanda, that happens in Kenya too. Sometime soon when i open my business, will try as much as i can to only employ qualified peole with a zest for the job regardless of any blood relations.

  2. Thanks for your comment!I think it happens in many African countries.If that is your human resource policy your business will grow faster!Success!

  3. Sharing this experiences can help and teach many company’s owners who are opening their businesses here in Kigali.If you are business owner first train your staff showing them who is customer?what she/he wants? why she/he comes to you?what are her/his expectations?
    those are questions you can even ask yourself..those questions can help business grow and exceed customer’s expectations.

    1. Thanks for commenting on the blog post!Your comments can help business owners to improve service delivery hence satisfy their customers needs and increase their business profit!Do keep it up!

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