Using Theatre and Movie to achieve a better life

                              Achieving better life actors in performance

Achieving a Better Life is a theatre troupe based in Rwanda that is committed to building families for a brighter future, through theatre and movies. It shows the faces of domestic violence, its root causes, effects and consequences. The troupe educates women in general to stand up and not underestimate themselves because of cultural barriers and other obstacles they face in society. They can participate in different projects for socio-economic development.

I got chance to see one of Achieving a Better Life’s performances at Goethe Institute in Kigali. It was really amazing. The title of play is “Aka kanya brahindutse?” which means “why has it suddenly changed?” It’s a play about domestic violence in which a man mstreats his wife after getting her pregnant. The actors are really talented and determined to get the message across to end domestic violence in different communities.

According to Nyiraneza Charlotte, the founder and artistic director of the Achieving a Better Life troupe, the group is an open family working to create a more positive atmosphere and change lives. Everyone can come and join the troupe to build a better life for tomorrow.

Next time, do not miss their exciting performances!


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