Customer service in Cyber Cafés

Cyber cafés with outstanding customer service!

Nowadays ICT services are becoming   indispensable to make our works effective.ICT promotion in different sectors of our Economy is one of the vision 2020 to build a knowledge based Economy.We often need Cyber cafes services  such as:Printing,scanning ,surfing the web etc…

However, it is frustrating to receive bad services from Cyber Cafés, for instance when a client for help while using certain applications;a Cyber attendant busy chatting with his/her freinds on social networking websites reluctantly come to help!As we all know time is money.I was even once asked to pay extra money to be helped!

Despite all those poor services, I have been in twoCyber Cafes that are making difference in service delivery.PIRAMIE NETWORK INC has really impressed me with its outstanding customer service.First computers are installed with a software application that informs the client the bonus she/he has,more to that if 15 minutes left to the surfing time she/hes has bought the application reminds him to prolong his surfing time if he likes,one can also order a cup of Tea or snacks.

More interersting is that  you  are given a login code to use which means that you can come back to complete your surfing time if interrupted by an urgent appointment or limited connection etc…

Cyber attendants are welcoming near the clients ready to help you in case you need a help.

NETSYS COMPUTER LTD is an other place to be when need Cyber services; it is doing well in delivering good customer service. The first time I went there I was amazed by how have been treated! I asked assistance then a Cyber attendant came rapidly saying with smile on her face quote:”That is why i am here”.The PCs function properly with regular maintenance and the place is always clean.When i left i was thanked and told tha i was welcome again .

Since discovering those two Cyber cafés with outstanding services when need cyber services I either go to PIRAMIE NETWORKS INC or Netsys Computer  ltd.

Kudos to these two IT companies! Others should learn from them.


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  1. Hope owner of cyber cafés business they will improve their services.

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