EAC common market and cultural issues.

The EAC, launched on July 01, is viewed by many as a giant economic step for the region. But have you thought about the social repercussions of such a thing?

The East African Community (EAC) will bring with it much good … well, depending on what we are talking about. Business wise, the opportunities are vast: expanded markets, investment opportunities,  no bureaucratic protocol requirements to move across borders, easier interactions and all the perks that promise to make us one big happy family of East Africa.
Not only will cross-border interactions be easier, they will definitely increase. While some of our some counterparts may raise their concerns about what will happen to them after the merger of the five East African states, I wonder whether most have counted the social cost.
It is common for a people to ascribe different characteristics to their neighbours from other countries. For example, it is said that ladies from Rwanda and Burundi are graceful and fair creatures. And I mean very fair. Kenyans are said to be beautiful and aggressive (or go-getters, depending on what works for you). Tanzanians are generally said to be gentle and courteous. Our Ugandan sisters know how to take care of their men.
So, Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Should the ladies turn green with envy and bid their men goodbye? Do the men from each country have a reason to guard their territory more closely?

Kenyan women, hang on to your men!
Mwendwa Makathimo, a young Kenyan lady thinks they should.
“Kenyan men should style up. Their East African counterparts are more ‘gentlemanly’ than they are.”
To this Linah Kinya, also from Kenya adds that other East African men are better looking.
“I say it is a fair trade. I mean, have you seen the men from Rwanda and Burundi? And they are perfect gentlemen. We will be spoilt for choice,” she says.
Elizabeth Nduta from Kenya warns Kenyan women against being careless with their health and bodies. It could just cost you your man.
“Ladies from the other countries don’t eat food from fast food restaurants the way we do. They are worthy competitors,” she says. She also has this to add about her Kenyan counterparts. “I don’t think the gentleness of Burundians and Rwandese men will tame Kenyan women. The craze of choice will last a short while then the ladies will go back to the way they really are.”
“Kenyan women will lose out due to their aggressive nature. No man wants such a woman,” observes Mark Kawalya from Uganda. Pauline Nanyombi, also from Uganda seems to agree that Kenyan ladies are too aggressive for their own good. She says, “Kenyan ladies are rough. They cannot compare to the gentle nature of the Ugandan, Rwandese and Burundian women. The Kenya gentlemen may also want to borrow a leaf from their Rwandese and Burundi counterparts when it comes treating their women gently. Rwandese and Burundian women are pretty with really nice bodies and so are viewed as competitors by any lady.”

Kenyan and Ugandan men, style up
She adds that Ugandan men — who apparently still believe that women just need money, cars, and airtime to be happy — will need to change their mentality.
“They will have the Burundian, Tanzanian, and Rwandese men to contend with,” she warns, implying that these are a gentler breed, and more in tune with what their women need, not just money.
For Nadia Uwase, a Rwandese lady, this is an opportunity for better things, such as more intermarriage. “The formation of the East African Community will make it easier for us to meet other people from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.” 
She is not worried about the men from her country preferring ladies from the other East African countries. “Though we are similar in many ways, I believe the Rwandese ladies are more reliable and trustworthy in their commitment to relationships and marriage than those from other countries.”

Broader hunting grounds
Octavian Msongamwanja, a gentleman from Tanzania says, “Men will now have an opportunity to be exposed to more beautiful ladies and that gives us a large pool to choose from. This has increased the chance of trying to make the right choice and choose what we want. While I think every country has great ladies with great character, I believe that ladies brought up in a French culture are more romantic, and this interests many men. The formation of the EAC has opened the door for men to expand their focus from their countries and choose to marry from wherever they want. Intermarriages will strengthen the EAC.”
Kenyan Martin Irungu is a happy lad. The new border expansion is a promise of better things for him and other men from Kenya. He says, “The women from other cultures are said to respect their men greatly and if that is true, then we will be in heaven. I would definitely give thought to wider hunting grounds. Once you are married, you really need to be a king. Sadly enough most of us end up eating refrigerated, microwave-heated food despite providing fresh food for our homes. In that case, a Tanzanian woman who takes time to properly cook your food, or a Ugandan woman who will kneel to serve you, or even a Rwandese woman who will take care of her body for you is a welcome change. Kenyan men are in for a special treat. Kenyan women had better style up or lose their men to the larger East Africa.”

By Wilhelminah Wabuke.

This article was 1st published at http://www.home.co.ke


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